What does the method Vakkundig Nederlands entail?

Vakkundig Nederlands TitelpaginaThe method Vakkundig Nederlands is meant for non-native speakers of Dutch. This syllabus prepares you for taking classes in Dutch at university or hbo. You will learn important terms that you may encounter in hard sciences education, and you will work on your knowledge of academic Dutch. Not only will you improve your Dutch, you will also learn how you can independently work on your language skills. You will learn what to pay attention to when reading Dutch study books and taking classes. This will help you learn new words more easily during your studies.

Even if you’re planning on doing an English-language degree, this method is a solid investment in your future as you will be working together with Dutch students. This collaboration often happens in Dutch. In addition, it’s also good to be able to speak Dutch with your fellow students, because you will make friends more easily, and you will receive more opportunities during your studies. Especially if you want to find a job after completing your degree, it’s important that you are proficient in the Dutch language. Not only general Dutch, but in particular the Dutch that is used in your field. Vakkundig Nederlands will help you lay a solid foundation so that you can communicate efficiently on scientific topics.

How can I order the syllabus?

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