Customised courses

What is a customised course?

At ULAC we believe that education should closely follow the needs of the student. A customised course is the perfect way to achieve this. Such a course allows for a complete focus on what the student wants to achieve and how the teacher can best facilitate this. Our teachers enjoy working with authentic materials, preferably from the student’s field of interest. This means that the teaching materials always closely match the world and interests of the student, and that new knowledge really sinks in.

How does this work?

  1. Intake interview: to establish the learning needs and goals of the student, an intake interview with an experienced teacher is set up. This also serves as a level test so that an accurate estimation can be made of the length of the course.
  2. Quotation: ULAC sends a quotation and after this has been accepted, the course will be scheduled.
  3. Start course: we are usually able to plan a course that fully meets the needs of the student within two weeks.


Hourly rate

The fee for individual sessions is €75. For this fee, you get a course schedule that has been completely tailored to your needs. The course materials are included in this fee. In short, you are involved in the setup of the course from the content to the scheduling, which greatly benefits the effectiveness of the course.



Anne wants to prepare for the IELTS exam in a relatively short period of time. During the intake interview, it becomes clear that Anne only needs 15 hours of classes. At the moment, she is at a high B2 level and she mainly wants to feel more self-confident during the exam. Together with Anne, the teacher sets up a list of the following course subjects:

  • advanced grammar
  • speaking skills (describing and arguing with regard to academic subjects relevant to the IELTS exam)
  • writing skills (emphasis on writing short essays)
  • reading and listening skills during the exam
  • exam strategies


Anne wants to take 10 sessions of 1.5 hours in a period of five weeks to raise her English to the required level. The fee for this course is 15 x €75 = €1125.

The course can usually begin within two weeks, or later if the students wants.



Does this appeal to you? Then contact ULAC or call 030 4300 150.